SiFramo – Flexible Modular Support at a Competitive Price Point 

SiFramo is a product of Sikla South Africa which is a fully non-welded steelwork support system that enables the modular construction of frames and structures. siFramo dramatically reduces the time, tools and labour across a wide scope of applications: support for pipes, pipe bridges, equipment, skids, ducts, plant rooms and more. 

Introduced over 15 years ago, siFramo is a non-welded modular steel truss structural support system. SiFramo is versatile and forms part of the CAD/BIM library, available to all Sikla customers worldwide. Developed in Germany as a cost-effective alternative to welding, siFramo is best suited for the challenging and growing Southern African market.

SiFramo was developed by industry leaders Sikla who have a proven track record in diverse construction applications worldwide. The Sikla promise to South Africans is a commitment to providing its clients with a reliable and versatile solution for their steelwork support needs.

When utilising siFramo, engineers have reduced reliance on labour and heavy transport costs as siFramo is lighter and easily assembled using thread-forming screws that are removable and reusable. With a multitude of pre-designed CAD drawings available, siFramo is a digital-friendly product offering engineers design templates suited for a multitude of projects. 

siFramo is assembled utilising thread-forming screws. These non-cutting cold-formed threads of each screw form their threads into pre-drilled pilot holes of siFramo’s perforated profiles. The resulting low thread-forming torque and high clamping force offer a superior process-reliable and shake-proof fastening. These thread-forming screws are also removable and reusable. Standard installation designs for siFramo are available with load calculations verified by reputable third parties.

SiFramo, knowing the difference

SiFramo is a non-welded steelwork support system for the modular construction of frames and structures, therefore it serves as an alternative to welding. Construction and industrial projects often face the problem of addressing the need for supports and frames as an afterthought. Assigning responsibility to design these while taking into consideration loads and specific requirements can delay the next phase of the project.

When engineers implement siFramo at the design stage, its versatility, usability and efficiency circumvent such challenges. It makes multidirectional connections possible without the need for through bolts and back-plates. The connection method requires minimal tools, time and labour. Fabrication can take place anywhere and has a weight saving of about 50%. Not only is it simple and fast, but reliable and safe as siFramo systems are certified according to international standards. The box section profiles used have high torsional resistance and fine adjustment capability for making connecting members effortlessly.

Compared to competitors, the benefits of siFramo are:

• Adjustments and modifications can be easily implemented 

• More economical and does not require skilled staff

• Reduced overall project time

• The CAD/BIM library is readily available

• siFramo is adaptable and easily dismantled, transported, and reassembled onsite. 

By utilising these modern structural solutions, African countries can more easily and affordably incorporate alternative energy sources like solar, wind, nuclear, hydroelectric and gas-to-power into their energy mix. This not only helps to address the energy crisis by providing more reliable and sustainable energy sources but also has the potential to drive economic growth and job creation in the renewable energy sector.

Modern construction solutions like siFramo can be a valuable tool for supporting the energy transition in African countries by enabling the adoption of alternative energy sources and helping to build a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

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