Unleashing a Design Beast

Technology which dramatically decreases labour is now at South Africa’s fingertips as Gismo, sole Southern African distributor for Sikla, introduces siFramo to the construction and industrial industries. siFramo is a trailblazing modular steel support system which dramatically reduces the time, tools and labour across a wide scope of applications: support for pipes, pipe bridges, equipment, skids, ducts, plant rooms and more.

Traditional welded or bolted steel supports in various construction applications have long been the modus operandi that engineers base designs on. As a totally non-welded steelwork support system for the modular construction of frames and structures, siFramo is a real alternative to welding. Construction and industrial projects often face the problem of addressing the need for supports and frames as an afterthought. Assigning responsibility to design these while taking into consideration loads and specific requirements can delay the next phase of the project. Project managers may fully consider the costs of materials and labour, but the unavoidable back and forth between each component pushes completion further away. The need for an innovative solution which can bridge these gaps from design to installation is clear.

When an engineer implements siFramo at the design stage, it’s versatility, usability and efficiency win hands down every time. It makes multidirectional connections possible without the need for through-bolts and back-plates. The cConnection method requires minimal tools, time and labour. Fabrication can take place anywhere and a weight saving of about 50%. Not only is it simple and fast, but reliable and safe as siFramo systems are certified according to international standards. The box section profiles used have high torsional resistance and fine adjustment capability for making connecting members together effortless.

siFramo is assembled utilising thread forming screws. These non-cutting cold formed threads of each screw form their own threads into pre-drilled pilot holes of siFramo’s perforated profiles. The resulting low thread forming torque and high clamping force offers a superior process-reliable and shake-proof fastening. These thread forming screws are also removable and reusable. Standard installation designs for siFramo are available with load calculations verified by reputable third parties.

One of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery plants, located in Děbrowa Górnicza, Poland, is making use of siFramo as floor-mounted support structures for water and steam systems. As the plant covers almost 40 hectares, a siFramo support system is ideal for this project due to its multi-functionality, quick and easy installation and that all changes can be made directly on site.

The results speak for themselves! Traditional fabricated steel supports which are welded together can take an estimated 65% longer to install versus siFramo. It is tried and true, single screw technology developed by the Austrian-Germany group Sikla which has delivered excellent results for clients worldwide for over 15 years. And with good reason, by building a well-deserved reputation as a versatile, multifunctional and high load-bearing modular steel frame system for supporting pipes, beams, trusses and a host of anchor support applications.

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